Winter is half over. What? I can hear you thinking that winter is no where near over. Well, here in the Midwest where I'm at,MBT Chapa GTX, I consider October through March to be winter. December is almost over. So to me, that means winter is half over. And what does winter being half over have to do with golf?
It's time to start getting the clubs cleaned up and ready to go. It's time to go through your golf bag and clean all the residue (old score cards, broken tees, snack wrappers) out. It's time to check the soft spikes on your shoes to see if any are loose, or need to be replaced. See those holes in your glove, that can't be good.
It's also time to reflect on the previous seasons play and scoring so that you can see where you need some work. And winter is the perfect time to work on your swing. Hey, I heard you call me crazy. You think I'm crazy because it's too cold out to work on your swing. I bet, though, that if you looked real close, there are several driving ranges within your vicinity that offer heated stalls to hit out of. I know there are 3 within 5 miles of me.
So, how do you reflect on the previous seasons play and scoring? Well, if you kept any of your score cards, (you keep them right? You didn't...why not?) you can see how you scored and where you need some work. Or, a better way is to use the latest handicap tracking software. After each round,Coach Boots, you simply plug in you score and a little bit more info, like number of strokes, putts,Crown Holder Men's, etc., and you can track your progress year after year.
Once you have that info, it's simply a matter of deciding on what you need to work on, your drives, short game, putting or bunker play (sorry, didn't mean to throw that dirty bunker word out there). Once you have decided on what aspect of your game needs improvement, you have several options.
What options do you have? Well, you can simply go to a driving range and try to work out the problem yourself, although that is not always the best or simplest way to go. Doing this can and will exasperate the problem. You could hire a swing coach to help you through your rough spots,Supra Skytop I, but that's going to cut into you golfing funds big time. The way that I have found to be the best is simply to do an internet search for golf training and select from the choices you have for golf training books or DVDs. I use both, but prefer to find a selection that offers both a book and a DVD for the visual aspect of it.
Utilizing this method costs a whole lot less than a swing coach, so you can play more rounds come spring time. But what I like best, is that by using this method, I can refer to it any time I need to, whether it's because I forgot something or just need a refresher. Try doing that with a swing coach. Ooops, there went another 3 rounds of golf.
Anyways, one you have your guide or DVD, study it, take it to the range with you, (the guide, not the DVD, unless you have a portable DVD player), and start practicing,MBT panda Women, practicing, practicing. By utilizing massive practice time in the winter, even when people think your crazy, you WILL be ready when spring rolls around. I bet your more ready than your partners. (By the way, this is the perfect time to work in a friendly wager, not that I'm condoning doing such..LOL) because I guarentee you are more ready than your partners are.
So, make use of the winter time to hone and sharpen your game, utilizing some of the great guides and handicap software that's available and you'll have a summer of rounds you just won't believe.