well as you my notice im new here in this forum.. so i wanted to ask some questions that can find a answer.... here they go:

1 im tying to find a program or something that can change the theme on my mac... its a intel core duo and has leopard.... i have read many articles on the web and a found out that there is a page that made some themes,, i download one call Crystaclear. and this theme its kind of cool but it still need more to go... so my question here is the next one... does someone knows if there is a prgmar that can change the themes or something similar to di it?

2 linux and mac
well both have unix... i have seen videos on the web that shows how "cool" the apps are in linux especialy with the program beryl ... well i love it.. so i try to find a similar program for mac... and i did it (well not as i wish i had but still ok) ... the name of the progrmas is desktop manager... has the same cube thing but not as good as the one of linux... my question is ... could a progrma like beryl could be use on a mac..? exactly the same.