I was wondering if anyone can help me. I purchased an eMac yesterday. The ATI version (USB 1.1). It now had 512mb of ram and I think it has a Superdrive. It's running on 10.2 Jaguar

Anyway my problem is that I formatted the eMac when I bought it and once the mac formatted and went back into OSX I got a message saying "the setup could not be completed with this monitor" (or something to that effect".

Now the screen size is about 5" x 5" with the outside of this area black. It seems like a driver problem as I cannot use my keyboard to use the DVD drive (meaning I cannot use it at all!) either. The only display option I have is 640 x 480.

Can anyone help me? I cant find the drivers I need to fix this problem on the pc, and I can't get the cd in the drive to find them on there. I also don't seem to be able to find anything on the net. I'm at a total loss of how to fix this so any help would be appreicated.

Thanks Again,