Hi there. I'm fairly new to os x, bought and repaired my first mac about two weeks ago and have installed snow leopard on it, pretty happy so far . I do have one issue though, along with replacing the sata cable I needed to replace the battery and, rather than buying an apple original at 100 I opted to go for a third party manufacturer and save myself a few quid. It works absolutely fine, I get more than 4 hours out of it, however the problem I've got at the moment is that, rather than the macbook safesleeping at low battery, it switches straight off : / I'm guessing this is down to the battery mis-reporting it's charge to the macbook, so I'm wondering if theres any way to modify the trigger percentage so that it hybrid-sleeps earlier? I've tried clearing power management, clearing the p-rom and calibrating the battery but, unfortunately none of it works :S

Any help would be much appreciated

p.s I'm not averse to using the terminal, have used linux and unix a fair bit and so I'd be comfortable fiddling with things there if anyone has any ideas.