Hello Everyone,

With a media controller I need to boot up, control and shutdown a new Mac Pro remotely.

Shutdown is easy with Telnet. Also launching apps is no problem with Telnet.
But I found no way to boot up the Mac.
Wake on LAN doesn't work if the system is shut down or is hibernated (stand by is not possible, I need to shutdown the Mac).
Every PC is able to boot on Wake on LAN but Mac's aren't.

With the old Mac minis it's possible to wake them from hibernate with plugging in a external powered FireWire harddrive. But that also doesn't work with that Mac Pro.

One possibility would be to solder a cable to the power button in the Mac. I could boot him with closing a contact with the media controller.
That would work without problems but I would loss the guarantee.

Does anyone have a idea how I could boot up a Mac Pro remotely with no modifications in the hardware of the Mac?

Thank's very much!