Dear Users,

I have come up with a short tutorial on how to change the looks of OS X.

What I did was to use themepark - I regged the latest version with some 2.0 code,
and it worked... So get the 3.0.1 version before it dissappears or you may not be able to use your old serial...

I located the two files Extras.rsrc (for rosetta/ppc) , and Extras2.rsrc (for intel).


I then copied these two files to my desktop into a backup folder.

Made another copy of Extra.rsrc that I put on my desktop for editing.

Now, the Extra2.rsrc can currently not be edited, but I have a solution to intel as well.

As both files are identically GUI wise... you edit the Extras.rsrc file in themepark.

I did that - and changed the Metal brush by clicking the pxm bar in themepark, and searched for Metal - and found Metal window texture of size 128x128, and replaced it with marble texture that is tiled - make sure the texture is tiled well - or your OS X look will suck! And also make sure that black text is readable on your texture - as there is no text-coloring support with this method.

I saved the file... obvious aint it?

Never ever use graphics in other sizes specified in the Extras.rsrc pxm ! You see the size to your right in themepark.

Advanced users may get text color changes using a hex editor - but I will not get into that for now.

I then used Extras2Extras2 to convert the Extras.rsrc file into an intel compatible one, and named it Extras2.rsrc, saved it onto the Desktop.

------------------------------- Notes regarding install
Note: Extras2Extras2 only converts PXM resources i.e. graphics, so you cant get any menu extras, no text coloring etc... but still its nice.

2nd Note: If you fuck up with this method - Aqua wont start - meaning you would have to boot holding f8, and giving boot parameters -x -s and copy the original files back.... OR YOU WILL HAVE AN UNUSABLE SYSTEM

Now.. lets continue with the install process.

I then did this in terminal:

sudo cp /Users/art/Desktop/Extras.rsrc /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/HIToolbox.framework/Versions/A/Resources/

sudo touch Extras.rsrc

We have now changed the theme for Rosetta apps - nice ey?

Same again for intel resource:

sudo cp /Users/art/Desktop/Extras2.rsrc /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/HIToolbox.framework/Versions/A/Resources/

sudo touch Extras2.rsrc

the touch is for the system to notice that the files have changed for sure - it may not be needed - but I do it for safety.

You may relaunch finder to see your textures, make sure u kill it well!

killall Finder forex... or relaunch.

Now, do a reboot to see that everything is fine...

If you have done everything like I have explained - you now have textured windows,
as in the pictures below....

picture 1: Rosetta VLC compared to intel VLC without texture.

picture 2: Intel resource: showing off finder with marble texture.

You may edit any graphics you find in Themepark reading the Extras.rsrc file,
dont fuck up the mask! the mask has to do with what is clickable at times, and what is visible/transparent.

Now - impress me with your amazing mod - if its good - we will make a theme section here in where u all can put your specific mod - try not to store ugly themes like mine tho

aRt signing off....