I've now had a MacBook for more than a year and I'm loving it. At home I also have two Windows PCs (one is a music server), all having Internet access via wi-fi and a router. The two Windows computers can see each other and access each other's drives using Windows peer-to-peer networking. The Mac can't join in all this. Occasionally I can from the Mac access the drives on ONE of the Windows PCs (running Win2K Pro). Then I can copy files between it and the Mac, but I can't stream files (ie I can't play on the Mac a movie whose file is stored on the Windows PC without first copying it to the Mac). The Mac has never accessed the laptop running WinXP.

What do I need to do to put this problem to bed once and for all so that the Mac can use the Windows drives as well as they can each other, and so that the Mac can use the printer hosted on one of the Windows PCs. Also, it would be nice if I could VNC from the Mac to the Windows PCs, which would save me some running up and down stairs.

Any help or suggestions would be very gratefully received.