Hey all,

I have a Mac Pro (2.8, jan08) and a MBP (july07)..and I'm getting some mouse lag on the Mac Pro.

I'm using a logitech mx530 (the white one made for mac) mouse...not the keyboard.

Anyway, when on the mac pro, i move the mouse around, there is a very slight delay, half a millisecond or so, before it actually moves. This makes doing ANYTHING very annoying. The mouse uses a USB dongle that ive tried connected to all ports.

Now, when I plug in to my MBP, it works perfectly. Response time is instant.

So I thought it was the mouse.

BUT...i tried a bluetooth mouse (the one i usually use with the laptop)...and i get the same problem on the mac pro.

What could be causing this issue?

At one point I thought it could be perhaps the display...the monitor is slow....but that's unlikely as ive used 3 displays with this ... the latest one being the Dell 2408WFP monster...besides...when i try "clicking"...the time is the same. As in, i right click in on the mac pro and the MBP at the same time (diff mice) and the menus show up at the same time.

In other words, it is just the motion that is causing this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers that come with the mouse etc...same thing happens.

This is very confusing...what could this possibly be?

I tried connecting a wired mouse to the mac pro...it works fine (there MAY be a very very slight delay...but it could be my mind play tricks on me)...BUT, for sure, the wired mouse works MUCH better than the wireless one.

SO ... this has to be a mac pro problem...possibly with the USB?

I am up to date on all software updates etc.

Thanks for your help.