I have MBP (early 2011), I took off my DVD drive, put HDD in the place of DVD and put an SSD on the HD connection. I installed Lion on SSD and Users home folder on HDD. I did this setup as my SSD is only 80GB and I have over 200GB of user data.

I tried to make Boot Camp Assistant (BCA) to resize HDD to install Windows 7, the BCA freezes as it needs to unmount and mount HDD to do the resize. Of course it won't be able to unmount it as it's in-use by the OS. I've managed to fix this issue by logging in as 'root' and I created the bootcamp partition successfully.

Now I have a windows 7 iso which I burn on DVD and restarted MBP to install Windows 7. Using an external USB DVD drive and using the ALT key I get the bootable devices and when I choose the DVD drive. I get a black blank screen with the flashing cursor, I see the dvd drive light blinking for a minute or two and that's it. Nothing happens after that, I pressed all kind of keys and still nothing happened.
The iso file has an EFI folder which in theory it should be bootable on a MBP, but yet still can't get to the setup screen.

I tried using USB Memory instead of DVD but still no use. I also installed 'rEFI' to boot USB, it gives the error message "No bootable device found"

Any suggestions or recommendations that I can do?