So I noticed that I'll be using my macbook pro 13" and it would suddenly go black for no reason, and go to the password screen.
This happened a few times.

Then just now I was tweeting and I put it down, opened it up, entered my password an suddenly my background was gone (the star one that comes with it was there instead).
I restarted and it loaded with the wrong background (the star one that comes with it), and all the icons were like off the screen to the left, when they're normally aligned on the right.
I rebooted, and it now had the icons on the right, out of order and the star background is still here.
WHAT is going on?!
I got it at Best Buy and they told me that if there's anything wrong that they can't fix on the spot I get a new one, should I bother going back there and telling them this thing is auto locking me out and now resetting itself?

Thanks for any advice

- AJ