I've searched everywhere for someone with a similar problem to what I have, but no one seems to have the same problem. So the problem I'm having is that my MacBook pro won't charge and it won't run off the wall adapter, the MagSafe has a very dim green light on it, and the computer won't recognize the fact that the charger is even there, but on occasion the Mac will begin to charge and the MagSafe will become amber but if I disconnect the charger when it's charging and then reconnect it it stops charging. (I've rest the pram and this seems to have made the charger green but the computer still doesn't recognize it.) Now that you know what is physically wrong let me tell you how it got this way in the first place. Back in March I spit Mountain Dew on my Mac, since then I've replaced the logic board and DC board after that the Mac had no problems. Until OS X Mavericks develop release came out, I couldn't help myself so I installed it, it was all fun and games until the Mac have the problem I just described, I fixed it by restoring from a time machine backup that put me back to OS X Mountain Lion, it continued to work for 3 1/2 weeks until the problem arouse again. I "fixed" it this time my going to the restore page (Command-R) but yesterday the problem came back, and I've restored to Lion and Mountain lion, I've done a clean install, and still nothing. I'd like to thaw it to a service provider buttons closest one is 3 hours away and I could probably fix it myself seeing how I've fixed my Mac on multiple occasions before this, all I'm wondering is: what could be the problem?