Hi all.

So, i have a few questions regarding a 1st Gen Mac Pro 2x Dual Xeon 2.66.

(i know there's a dualboot forum but this is only a part of my questions )
First of all i'm running a dualboot OSX/XP64.
As bootcamp doesn't support XP64 i lack drivers in general. If ther's someone running XP64 on a Mac Pro too, do u have drivers?

Now to the real issues:

I installed a HD4890 PC following the linked tutorial:

Card works great under both OSX and XP64, thing is, as it needs to load the EFIpart the screen will stay black until i'm in Mac loginscreen. Has anyone a hint how to be able to select bootdrive upon startup without needing the display, like having a key to hold down, one for OSXboot and one for XP64?
ATM i use refit ( h++p://refit.sourceforge.net/ ) and just guess the moment the bootselection screen is there and use the arrowkeys and enter to select the needed bootdrive. It works but it's too much of a hassle as the screen stays black D:

Another issue is that i have 2 displays but atm with the above tutorial only one DVIport is active on the HD4890. Any solution yet to fix this problem?

Many thanks for all help!