Hey everyone. I have owned this mac for some time now (it is a 2.5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro), and I tried installing this Intego antivirus software. After the installation, it all went to hell. My computer became slow, I couldn't even switch windows without getting the beach ball. So I uninstalled the software and it was fat again. Now I tried installing Dropbox because the rest of my family is using it and they say it works. Next, slow again! But this time I restarted the machine and I couldn't log in, I was in one of those login loops where you type your password, the screen becomes blue and it boots you back to the login window. Okay, now I try and format my Mac, and I grabbed my Desktop folder and my Music folder and copied them (putting my computer into Target Disk Mode) to my brother's. I formatted my Mac and copied the folders back again the same way. I have lost half of my music, all of my iPod apps, and my iPod won't sync.
Here's the problem with my iPod. I want to update my ALL-IN-ONE GAMEBOX. So I download the update from my Mac. I plug in my iPod, it syncs, nothing. Now, I try delete the app from iTunes, nothing. I wanna install any other ones, nothing. iTunes isn't give me an erros window or tells me it failed, all it does is stop, like if nothing had been done.
I had an idea to transfer back most of my music and apps: I went and tried Transfer Purchases. Nothing. It tells me it is syncing my iPod, but doesn't look for purchases or transfer anything. Now I don't want to restore my iPod because I would loose everything and end up screwed. I AM on the latest iTunes, I updated everything last night.

What can I do so that my iPod can sync?
Can you transfer apps using Senuti?
How can I get everything I lost back?