I have 4 .dmg CD install files for 10.4. For the first install disk I created an ISO file in UltraISO and then burned it to a CD using Nero and it worked great! I installed the first CD. But I did the same thing to the second .dmg file and it doesn't work. I have tried every possible way of converting and writing/burning it to a CD and it doenst take.

What kind of file/image/disk is the G4 looking for? the latest thing I tried was uncompressing the .dmg to a larger.dmg in TransMac and then converting that to an ISO and burning it to a CD like I did before, and it is in the Mac, it isnt rejecting it, but it isnt installing any files either.

Any suggestions on how to burn .dmg files on a PC to boot on a G4?

thanks, roger