ok so heres the deal... I had tiger installed on it, and i was trying to upp the performance a bit. so i was deleting unnecessary stuff. I guess i deleted some wrong stuff, and the performance suffered, and certain things came out garbled. so i decided id reload from scratch, because the drivers were screwy anyway(guy i bought it from did a clean install of tiger without installing drivers)

well, come to find out, the restore cd is OS 9. okay, so i upgrade to OS X. its OS X, but its not 10.4, its 10.1. puma, or whatever the name is. and everyone knows nothing supports puma anymore. i was considering buying a copy of tiger, but i dont think the laptop is worth spending any more money on (though i only spent 50 bucks on it). plus not to mention its got the green line of death down the left side of the screen.

so, i decided 'hey ill put linux on it, im triple booting on my hackintosh, and i like linux, so why not?' download the PPC version from a torrent (perfectly legal, as ubuntu is open source!) and boot up the live cd.

the screen is all messed up, its mirrored on the bottom, and i only have 2 displays available: 640x480 and 800x600. my network card works, as its a netgear WG311V3 USB, that i use for my hackintosh. i cant find any drivers for the iBook.

My question is: where can i find some drivers? i tried linux-drivers.org, but i couldnt find much. here are my system specs

iBook G3 (late 2001) 600MHz
384MB Ram
20Gb hard drive (yeahyeah... i know)
DVD-rom/CDRW drive
ATi Rage Mobility 128 8MB

beyond that... i dunno. heres a pic of my issue:

am i burnt? out of luck? am i better off buying a copy of tiger?
im eventually going to buy a macbook pro 17", but for now id like to be able to use WIFI with this. thanks everyone