/>Note also that even though these look like mirror glasses, when worn they don't look like mirrors on yuor face. Strange,Hot Season Oakley xx Polished Black Frame Grey Lens Sunglasses Season Promotion, but true. Also, tehy do not photograph as mirror lenses, but look like dark lenses in the photos.
I bought the sunglasses a few months ago, and I wear them out especially in the summertime. They are absolutely stunning. For one, they are stylish, and two,Beautiful Oakley Eyepatch Crystal Black Yellow Sunglasses Private Sale, nobody can see your eyes through them, Which is great if your at a party. I also like these glasses because they are durable and sturdy. I clumsily dropped these at a party I was going to in the middle of a mosh, ant they surprisingly did not break. All I had to do was bend them back into shape, and voila, good as new. The spring action sides are also a plus, because you may see many guys with cheap sides on theirs, but you can rest assured that you have the real deal.For the price of three dollars, these really cant be beat.
Two years ago, I was given a pair of RayBans that looked exactly like these. I loved them soooo much but ended up breaking one of the temples this past summer. I was a little hesitant of buying these because the price was so low, but they're amazing! They are exactly the same size as RayBans and they look just like them. They seem super sturdy too! They are kind of dark, but that's perfect for really sunny days. Don't be afraid of the low price, other pairs on here are so expensive,Fitted Oakley Oil Rig Black Frame Purple Lens Sunglasses Season Promotion, but not of the same quality (I bought a pair for 34 dollars, got them on 1/18 and had them returned the next