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Discuss [Help] New at mac os x, need advice at the Genuine Mac Support -; i just downloaded msn for mac, when i download it it popped a window which ...
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    Default [Help] New at mac os x, need advice

    i just downloaded msn for mac, when i download it it popped a window which told me to move it to applications, i did and i installed it, but now in my desktop i see a microsoft messenger server connection icon, should i drag it to "eject" or something? does this kinda icons show up every time you download something off the internet?
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    The icon you see is a virtual disk mounted from a disk image (DMG)
    To make sure it is not a simple folder, select it and press Command + E key, if it is a mounted disk image it will be ejected.
    You can also use another way as dragging the icon on top of the Trash in the Dock, the Trash icon changes to an Eject icon if it is a mounted disk image.

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    hey guys, im new to the forum, but have been using a mac for 2 years now, i have a 2ghz intel core duo, 15in. Macbook pro, it has a HD with 74.2GB and i only have 27GB of free space, not cool at all. I have an external hdd but its big and requires an electrical cord, so i dont normally bring it along, i do mostly editing, my main tool being cs3, i want to slim down the internal HD and though about deleting some stuff from iLife that i dont use, like garageband wich has a bunch of memory taken, just want some general opinions about that. my question really is bigger than what i though i could write down, so what im looking for is maybe a way to manage my diskspace, keep it monitored, i want to run VMware and linux so im gonna need all the extra space that is posible . . . well any advise would be welcomed and thanx.



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