I feel kind of awful about simply dropping in to ask what is likely a stupid question, I hope you won't judge me too harshly. I've a first gen mac pro that's served me well on all fronts with the exception of graphics. In winter 2010 the GeForce 7300 it shipped with failed on me, and I had to replace it; since by then Apple was no longer selling cards for it, I ended up purchasing the proper 8800 GT off ebay with a condtion of "new other (see details)." this, basically.

Tonight it seems to have quit on me too; I can still boot Snow Leopard and Windows XP, and even a few 3D things seem to work like Flurry, but anything heavier, even something like adverts in a youtube video, generate artifacts everywhere and freeze the screen. I can buy a replacement card, but paying USD 200 twice in less than 2 years for a 5 year old card is an option I'd prefer to avoid.

My question is whether there's any other option for a newer card. I'm a bit of a tech but I'm far more comfortable on the CS side of things and I've never flashed a card before, so I'd be far happier with a card someone's already successfully done this with. Is there a simple option here for someone like me, or should I bite the bullet and buy the 8800?

Thanks very much for your time.