and rating (generally 3N or 3P -- 3 is the best protection available. N is for normal. P is for polarized).
Polarized vs. non-polarized:
I landed on 52 mm polarized and they are perfect for me. Polarized lenses decrease my eyestrain significantly and I could not imagine paying $100+ for nonpolarized lenses--seems like a waste of $$$ to me. Polarized lenses do slighly distort LCD screans,Dirty Dogwetglass Sun Glasses Best Deal Free Shipping, but laptops and cell phones are still visible for brief use. I highly recommend polarized over non-polarized lenses. The reduction in glare provided by polarized sunglasses actually enhances your vision; whereas nonpolarized lenses just darken it.
I am glad I bought the New Wayfarer glasses, wonderful and a better design then the old ones.
I am too a average size guy and I bought the small frame (52) and I am glad I did,Oakley Frost For Sale New Style Free Shipping. For me the fit is perfect and I would not want them any bigger.
My husband who is a professional driver really enjoys his new sunglasses,Oakley Fives 2.0 Sunglasses New Style Group Buy. These are a little lighter in weight that