Oh well, they were lovely shades of green on the wedding day and it all helped decorate the tent anyway.
Table decorations
We also had three tea lights (soy candles) on each table in glasses of three different heights for when it got dark.
The wedding bouquet
As for the sweet peas, my mother planted some in early April,herve leger white dresses,herve leger dresses, kept them in the greenhouse,herve leger, nurtured them and talked to them and of course they blossomed three days after the wedding.
Table decorationsThis idea appealed to me because it looked simple and elegant and could be done with minimum effort on a budget. We made a deal with the local florist that she would get flowers from the market in the right colours. This way we got what was in season at a very reasonable price. For the vases we used what my mother had lying around and topped these up with vases from local charity shops.
At the end of the day I was really happy with all the flowers at the wedding. We used very few seasonal,herve leger black dresses,herve leger dresses, cut flowers for the decoration and bouquet and mostly decorated the tent and garden with potted plants and flowers.
Flower decorationsOn each table we put a single flower stem in a high narrow vase,Coast Dresses, a little bouquet in a medium height vase and a little bouquet of a green herb (different one for each table) in a low, small vase.
Unfortunately,white dresses, my mother’s lavender died before the wedding, causing another worry for her.
For the decorations I had a vision, inspired by the book ‘Simple Stunning Weddings’, where one of the ideas was a collection of old vases with different flowers.
It did not faze me, however. I just made a lovely bouquet of the leftover flowers from the decorations and tied my grandmother’s ribbon around it. I was very happy with the result.
Flexible flower arranging
Henriette and John during the ceremonyWe had a general theme for the wedding called “sweet peas”.  I did at first intend to have sweet peas everywhere.  This soon developed into a colour scheme of  green and purpleish nuances.
I think the flowers reflect the rest of the wedding preparations. I would get an idea,Karen Millen Shoulders Dresses, which we would use as a guideline. But we never made any plans set in stone,herve leger dress, which meant that nothing could really go wrong. We had the most perfect wedding because we never tried to force it to be perfect.
Every time I hear of wedding bouquets costing hundreds of pounds I fail to be impressed. The amount of attention I gave to my own wedding bouquet was minimal and I think it had my mother quite worried.
Wedding bouquetI also had the idea of having a simple,yellow dresses, tight bunch of lavender as a bouquet. I would then wind around the stems the ribbon from my grandmother’s wedding bouquet from the ’40s.
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