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Discuss Dead Macbook Pro at the Genuine Mac Support -; Hi People, I have a problem with my MACBOOK PRO. I am a newbie with ...
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    Default Dead Macbook Pro

    Hi People,

    I have a problem with my MACBOOK PRO. I am a newbie with MAC OSX and hope i didnt killed my MAC.

    The Problem began with installing Windows. I created with BootCamp a new Partition and started to install Windows. After a while it gave me an Error on installing Windows..

    So i gone back to MAC OS and deleted the Partition. After restart it was not possible to Boot over MAC OS.

    By holding some Startup keys i got this results

    -- OPT => Only Windows and MAC OS X (Macbook CD)
    If i select the CD my MB just restarts.
    If i select Windows over HDD than i get the Error "Error at starting the OS"

    -- C => Like above it just restart again and again.

    -- OPT + CMD + P + R => It boot over Windows but i get the error like on OPT

    -- OPT + CMD + SHIFT + DELETE => It boot over Windows but i get the error like on OPT

    So the Original MAC OSX CD (10.5) didnt help me..
    I found a file and burn it on a DVD, boot it on my MBP with OPT and i can see "EFI BOOT" and "WINDOWS (CD)".

    If i select EFI BOOT it freezes and nothing goes. If i select WINDOWS (CD) than it looks like this

    Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 - Chameleon v1.0.11
    Build date: 2008-06-09
    4096 Memory
    Vesa V3.0 14MB (Nvidia)
    Use arrow keys to select the startup volume
    -> hd(16,0) iPC 10.5.6 Mac OS X Install DVD
    Press enter to start up Darwin/x86 with no options or you can:
    Type -v and press Enter to start up with Diagnostic Messages
    After i type in "-v" than it looks like in the Image below.

    I cant find any other ways to bring my MBP alive.. My last step will be to format the MAC HDD over my Windows PC and create somehow a EFI Partition. I think i have killed my EFI Partition

    If there is another way i will be really happy..

    Hope to get a help from you people..


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    no you havn't killed it, have you tried holding down the option key, just after you have pressed the power key?

    it should boot you into an option that states boot from :

    Mac (Harddrive name)
    Windows (Name of partition)]
    Boot from network
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