So, I'm at school, and to take advantage of the bandwidth, I've added an old dLink wireless USB to my computer. Not sure if I'm getting the full benefits, so I wanted to see if people had any tips.

First of all, there are multiple SSID's to access (one is protected, the other is not). Not sure if that is a requirement, but it doesn't seem like I can have both the Airport and the dLink on the same SSID. Again, I might be wrong.

Second, I'm running iStat to check my throughput. I'm downloading an NZB from newsgroups and getting about 3.6MB/s. However, iStat says that is all coming through the Airport, and not the dLink. Is that a limitation of iStat, or is only one wireless adapater able to suck up data (for lack of a more precise term).

Is there anything I need to do to setup both adapters to access the net? Am I actually getting the benefit of both adapters, and for whatever reason, not seeing it when I dl from newsgroups (using SABnzdb)? Or, is having two network cards pointless?