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    Default G5 iMac fr33ze SOLVED!!!!

    guys, this apple computer is crazy......
    it freezes in the middle of me browsing on mozilla
    it freezes if it is left at the login screen, when the fans come up
    it freezes out of nowhere even though the fans are not on (I can't hear them
    Sometimes the fans would go up even though the room and the pc is cold......................
    The screen got VERY scrambled 2 times since I have had it (today) could that mean some VGA card problems? they got scrambled after starting up and having the OS freeze.......
    I have no OS X CD that came with it, so, I am unable to reinstall the OS..........

    one thing was very interesting, I managed to get into Open Firmware, and, the fans went up like crazy (I think that is the only mode they operate in... kidding, but it is the most used)
    but the freakin thing DID NOT freeze....... oh wow
    usually when it freezes I can no longer hear HDD activity.....
    I opened it up, took out the BIOS battery, pushed the little button on the back of the iMac, put the battery back, took the RAM out (there are only 2 slots) tryed changing slots, yes, I put them back in really good, I am a PC tech, this is my first time opening a mac............
    the HDD Drive has no BAD sectors, I checked it with the latest version of HDD Regenerator, which I legally personally own.

    1.8 GHz PowerPc G5
    512 MB DDR SDRAM
    Mac OS X 10.4.11

    -I was able to install it's latest OS update, but it also freezes with this update.. right after reboot, it froze after giving me the apple with the progress wheel, rebooted again by itself, thing that it just did, and then it passed starting OS X, and froze when I wanted to move the mouse around......

    Could RAM be the problem? I have a Samsung PC3200 CL3 512 module... I know it's not apple OEM..... could this be the culprit? what is the best RAM test for this under MAC OS X?

    I was unable to perform it's last update due to the freezing issue.....

    this apple computer was brought from Ireland, and, the people there wanted to throw it to the garbage can, due to very expensive apple service, but a friend of mine said he'll take it.....
    it has not been used in a great while....
    but I was able to use it for like 10 minutes once, and then it froze again.....

    I went to power options, set CPU usage to auto, and did everything to prevent it from going into sleep mode.... EVERYTHING.....
    I turned bluetooth off, AirPort is the only thing I am using... Brightness is at it's lowest level...
    I even set up teamviewer so that I wouldn't have to use it's USB ports, thinking they might do some shortcircuiting stufff....
    even with only the AC power cord in, using an UPS, it still freezes.....

    Sometimes when it powers on, I can no longer hear the chime song, screen is blank, no flashing light....
    I do not think this is under warranty or apple care....
    BTW what does the flash light bulb on it do?
    This funny thing happened, if I would use a flashlight and put it right into the light sensor it has undernieth it, where the speakers are (I guess) the white light would go REALLY BRIGHT, and if I would cover the sensor with my hand, it would go REALLY dim...... but not always..... is this what it does?

    The aforementioned RAM module was the problem!!!
    I bought an infineon 512 ddr1 module, put it in the place of the previous samsung module I had, and, MY IMAC IS RUNNING FINE FOR 6 HOURS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KingMax ram did not work as well, even though brand new..... who knows.... maybe Apple inserted a string inside the OpenFirmware that makes iMacs behave like this with aftermarket ram, just so that people would buy near Apple, or really expensive Apple ram!!!!!!!!!

    for you mods who knew about this post before, you could at least have told me: yes, yes, change hte ram, that's the problem" and everything would have just been fine...........
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