I bought an PCI card on Ebay for wireless on a Mac G4. Although the computer recognizes the card I can not seem to get on to my Belkin G router. The card contains no information and was sent blank with no instructions or numbers, manufacturer, or software. It said it would work with the internal Mac setup and needed no drivers. Any suggestions on how to get this or some other wireless solution to work?

Additional info
Mac G4 Mirror door not FW 800
OS 10.4
Belkin G router with PC, I book, G4 Tower with Original Airport card connected with no problem.

I tried the Airport card in my Mirror door G4 but it was not recognized????
Network and Airport is there but when I give the correct info on the wireless set up I get a Error dialog

I am not a technical type guy, just do my photography and use photoshop and have my website beyond that I get pretty lost so if you give me any info please spell it out for me.