First off I'm very sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I couldn't find a different spot for this. So move it if needs be.

I have been thinking of buying a PC from, I can find almost all of the specs on that webpage that match up with the Tonymacx86 blog, and I don't have to assemble the PC, the only thing that probably won't match up will be the Power supply and possibly the ODD but I can easily swap that out if need be, so not worried about that.

I know that an updated iMac will probably be released next week, but I want to play games on my computer, so I would install windows no matter what. I'm also fairly sure that the new iMac won't have an ODD.

So I can build a new nearly spec'ed out PC for cheaper than a iMac. Which I can upgrade in a few years if I need to.... And play games on the Windows Drive. But I hate doing anything in Windows other than gaming. I love OS X...and don't want to give it up but I want to game on Windows, but I don't much care for it....

Just need some advice. I'm SO tempted to go the Hackintosh route. I see more and more advantages and I am reading more and more forums about how to install the Hackintosh...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.