With all of the different ways to install OS X now, I am looking for the best one for my situation. I would like the most complete, functional, compatible hackintosh system possible. While I'm aware of "distros" such as Niresh (which does work for me), I have been told by some individuals that I should install a retail copy (or something to that tune). For example, when I install the Niresh distro it always says "Niresh" everywhere (like on the login screen). I would rather just have a basic, unedited "mac experience" if possible.

Essentially, I just want as close to the real Mac experience as possible (even if it means spending some extra time on installation). That being said, which route would you suggest I take? Could you like to any tutorials?

My hardware:

- i5 2550k Sandy Bridge
- Radeon HD 7970
- 8GB 1600mhz
- Samsung 840 Pro SSD
- Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3

Keep in mind that I don't have integrated graphics with my processor.

Thanks in advance!

- Tyler