Hi Guys, Thanks for reading, excuse me for my bad englisch.

This are my specs:
4GB ram, 500 GB Hitachi HDD
Asus x75A Mainboard with i3-2310m
Intel HD3000 sandy bridge, (0x1116) 1600 x 900
Intel HM70 Chipset Express
Mountain Lion 10.8.2

Here is what id did until now.

i got smbios 8,1
Create DSDT, patch with the patches (In my case i used Duallink, DTPG)
My System Info now says INTEL HD Graphics 3000 Mobile 385 MB, and i have qe ( i can turn on transparent menu bar), but no vga or hdmi output works, can please someone take a look at my dsdt and patch the hdmi/vga? i prefer hdmi

dsdt here:
DSDT.aml - Speedy Share - upload your files here