My specs are
Intel i3 370m @2.4GHz Quad Core
4gb ram DD3
Motherboard is HP 1425
Intel HD Graphics
Realtek RTL8191SE Wifi Adapter
Realtek High Definition Audio
Synaptics PS/2 Touchpad

And i will be honest i dont know if the hardwares i mentioned are named correctly. i just typed what i see in the device manager. Let me know what information i need to give for you guys to help me out.
I know my hardwares are a little older so i figured theres a high probability that this can be done easily now.

I tried installing osx like a year ago. i succeeded but not that much because of some hardware issues like graphics card, network and sound cards and also i am only capable of using 2gb out of 4gb of my ram.i failed due to kernels that probably didnt exist at that time or i dont know how to install them before?
I think i used iatkos. I need someone to help me out or send me a link to guides that will most probably easier for me to understand. Any help would be pretty much appreciated. If i can get this to work, i wouldnt need an expensive mac for my university. I am sorry if there is already an obvious guide for my specs. I still have to do research on my own. i just posted it in advance hoping that someone can help right away and save me time. Thanks in advance whoever will spend time reading this