I am completely new to Hackintosh and trying to get my head around certain things. I am a pretty confident user of Windows and build my own systems when required (although sometimes need advice with this). Since Windows 8 is such an abomination (IMO) I have looked into switching to Mac Osx but cant afford the $1000s for a proper Mac. The main issue I can see is hardware selection. My current Windows PC is fairly up to date so I was wondering if I were to list my current hardware whether some kind soul could tell me if any of it can be used for a Hackintosh build.

Asus Maximus V Formula mainboard
Radeon HD5770 Flex graphics card
Intel i5 3570 CPU
32gb (4x8gb) Corsair Vengeance memory (CMZ32GX3M4A1600C9)
2x 120gb Corsair Force GT sata3 SSD (in Raid configuration)
Pioneer BDR207M Blu-ray writer

This is hooked upto 4 Samsung monitors.

Any advice or direction would be highly appreciated.