Hi everyone!

I'm very new to the whole Hackint0sh scene apart from Jailbreaking a few iphones in the past.

I currently have a Powerbook G4 which amazingly still runs rather well but it's days are numbered and it's been letting me know so lately.

I'm really tempted to get a new mac but strapped for cash at the moment and honestly thinking about a change in Operating system.

I saw this macbook air clone on Aliexpress and the specs look good and it has the looks as well. Plus it has SSD memory which I'm definitely interested in after a few hard drive fails in the past.

Newest metal laptop computer with Intel Core I5 CPU, aluminium razor thin notebook PC W/optional for 4GB RAM 128GB SSD bluetooth-in Laptops from Computer & Networking on Aliexpress.com

What I wanted to know is whether or not os x could be installed on this machine or would I be better making the leap to Windows 8?

Appreciate any advice you can give me!