So I got a great deal on an HP ProBook 4530s....I got this machine because its SUPPOSED to be the best Laptop for doing a Hackintosh Install.......well, not for me.....its been a total D***....I have tried Lion, Mountain Lion and even Mavericks DP1.....all fail in one way or another....i'll try to cover everything I have tried in the past SOLID 24 HOURS!!

Unibeast 2.01, Unibeast 1.70 and Unibeast 1.5.3

MyHack which loads everything but gets spinning wheel "gets stuck" and stops loading anything

Mountain Lion (Several Distros online including Niresh and iAtokos ML2)

Lion (including iAtkos L1)

Unibeast has fails 9 times out of 10 on both Lion and Mountain Lion and when Unibeast does NOT fail, it copies two folders that only takes about 30 seconds to write and yet its only written like 9MB or so to the stick....OBVIOUSLY not a full install....

No, these are not "App Store" Purchases.....I refuse to pay for something unless I am sure its gonna work...i've been ripped off enough off the AppStore on iPhone with apps that didn't do as I, unless I KNOW its gonna work, I refuse to pay for it......

(yes, I do buy CDs after downloading MP3s, buy DVDs after downloading the movie, buy games after using the ISO...its a rental service to me)