So I had hackintosh on my 6 year old desktop computer. I bought a new computer for college and have tried to put mac os x on this as well, but i have not been able to. I have tried iatkos and ideneb as well as snow leo. Snow leo is what worked for my desktop which had an amd athlon ii processor with nvidia graphics.

My HP pavilion dv6qte specs are:

Processor: Intel Core i7-2760QM @ 2.40ghz
Instructions: MMX, SSE (1,2,3,3s,4.1,4.2), EM64T, VT-x, AES, AVX
Chipset: Sandy Bridge
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: 2 GB ATI radeon 7690M XT

If you have experience with this system, please share. Thanks!

If you need to know anything else, let me know.