Nowhere else seems appropriate for this. A new project was possible when the boss i.e. 'er indoors decided an upgrade was required. So I got us both nice new GA-77-D3H boards heaps of RAM etc thinking "wow - we can have a mac - hack - each" She had a mac when I met her - OS 7 days - and loved it.

Well having gone through the pain I have a hack working. Unfortunately our boards have the Via chipset so the audio does not work. Solved by very cheap - like 2 each - USB sound cards. Not got the HD4000 working fully but not really necessary. After all the effort and having played with the mac for weeks the conclusion is "so what". Why all the hype ?. Very pretty but software availability on the low side. Based on BSD but cannot manage Hylafax. No real faxing capability at all. Even the crap basic software in Win is years better than anything available for Mac.

Yes we all know it is a nice stable system and Win needs a degree in software engineering to keep it going, but at least it can be used to full effect. I was wise enough to keep all on separate drives so I can have the dreaded Win separate from the hack. The third drive has Ubuntu on it.

Been trying to get away fro Win for years but although the Unix clones are good, their software is generally second rate. I have used VLC for years as my media player. It is perfect in Linux and Win but the Mac version is garbage, as are most Mac versions of the software I have tried.

Perhaps Apple will do everyone a favour and finally drop any pretense of being a serious PC maker. They already dropped their server software and there is a limited market for items like iMac's compared with laptops or full desktops (that you can actually do something with). There is also generally much poorer handling of peripherals compared to Linux.

I have been seduced by the hype about Mac superiority over the years and have been very disappointed now that I have tried it. fortunately the cost was zero as the hardware was being bought anyway. All I need is a drive to clone mine and she can have hers, but I warrant she will not like it as much as what she had 12 years ago.

I doubt OSX has a long term future in this family. It is simply not up to the mark.