Ram--32GB Corsair
Video--EVGA-GTX-570 1280MB
Sandisk 120GB SSD 2TB-internal HD

I just updated to ML 10.8.4, ML 10.8.5, and ML 10.9.1. All updates have the same problem. Machine will not boot(without using -x) and do not have any audio. I am assuming that all updates have the same problem(whatever that is). My ML 10.8.3 was working just fine.( I found need at least ML 10.8.4, ML 10.8.5 for FCPro7.

For the past weeks I have seen nothing but(--try this--) answers. I have yet to see an answer that says--here is what causes the problem and here is the answer. Now in the last few months I have been building this Hackintosh, I have learned more about Apple than I ever wanted to know. However I discovered once I got more into it I appreciate the Apple Geeks more and more. I can say that because I am a PC Geek. Anyway--I know that an Apple Geek out there has found an answer to this horrible problem. So lets here it. If you need something from me please ask.(It also would help if you told me how to get it.)
Thanks up Front