Firstly, I posted this thread in this section as I could not find one for Mavericks and my hackintosh was originally Snow Leopard. My desktop has an Haswell Tntel 4770K processor with an Asus Z87 Pro Motherboard. I am using integrated graphics as i do not have a graphics card. I have 3 hard drives, a Samsung SSD for Windows, a WD HDD for Windows and a Toshiba HDD for Mac.

Now when i try to boot Mavericks (from unibeast as I have not yet set up a boot loader). I have a never ending Apple log o on a white background with a spinner. If i boot in verbose mode it hangs with a line saying NTFS-fs disk... Cannot Mount, Mount in Windows. I think this is referring to my WD HDD. When i unplug the sata cable from my WD HDD i have an error saying "ioplatformpluginutil getcpuidinfo". I have heard this is down to power management of my CPU but the only solutions I have found online are to do with ivy bridge and are in laptops.When I boot in safe mode everything is fine except I cannot get sound, and probably other stuff but I haven't explorers much.

I used the iboot and Snowleopard install disk to install Mac OS X. Then the Unibeast method to install Mavericks.
I have used multi beast with many drivers and boot loader but nothing works, also no boot loaders work but that is a different topic.

Any help would be deeply Appreciated.