Hello Hackint0shers,
I have recently built a new computer.
My computer consists of:
1. 2600k @ 4.4ghz w/HT
2. MSI 6970 Lightning
3. HAF X Red
4. Asrock Z68 Extreme 7
5. 16GB Corsair Vengeance
6. Three 23' ASUS LED monitors

In Windows I have Eyefinity running and would like to keep the three monitors connected to the video card. The problem arises when I start OS X. I am using Netkas' hack for the 6970. I had a G73SW hackintosh, which is how I installed chameleon to the external hdd etc, that stopped booting but I will get it working again. But anyways, it starts up and gets to the login screen or the screen where you start to make an account or whatever, and all I can see is the mouse pointer and 2 out of 3 screens are white and the other one is the sort of cloth fabric look that comes with the installer for Lion. The screens are in extended mode, not mirrored.What I am wondering is if anyone can help me? I can provide more details if you need them, but for now I don't know how much to provide because it snot like this is a kernel panic where you can see errors.