Hey all,
I've had experience in the past with the inevitable issues that come along with installing mac on pc hardware...but I have a dell studio 1558 with a core i3 m330 processor and Intel HD Graphics (not sure about if they're 3000 or not...)

Basically, I'm reading from browsing the forums that i'll be severely limited with my graphics setup, but I can't get past the common "Ethernet Address __:__:__:__" boot hang upon booting of the Unibeast Lion install drive.

Anyone know what i need to change for a successful boot? I've messed with PCIRootUID=0/1 and GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No boot flags in chimera but haven't had any luck. Also trying the -x boot flag gives a different boot hang with a repeating "Still Waiting For Root Device."

Thanks so much in advance! Love messing with this stuff, i'm out of ideas but don't wanna give up!...Very rewarding when it finally works!
(Also I've tried posting in the unibeast tonymacx86 forums, but no one has responded for weeks...)