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Discuss Project Voltr0n - Coming soon - Install OSx86 to your PC with ease at the General - Lion 10.7.x -; So what the hell is going to be so special about this? Here are a ...
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    Default Project Voltr0n - Coming soon - Install OSx86 to your PC with ease

    So what the hell is going to be so special about this?

    Here are a number of features that have already been completed or being worked on:

    The ability to install OS X 10.7 retail install images onto hard disks with non-GUID partitions without issues.

    Integrated kext patching within the bootloader for kexts which need to be patched either through their Info.plist or binary. (based on a number of netbookinstaller‘s features)
    Integrated kernel patching within the bootloader for all unsupported CPUs. As of now, just basic support for AMDs have been planned, but this will make things easier for unsupported Intel CPU people as well.

    Retail DVD sub-package injection and autoselection, just like ModCD/ModUSB, so your hardware support gets installed with the OS.
    SleepEnabler.kext will not need to be updated anymore. PM_DISPATCH_VERSION within the kernel you are booting will be autodetected. For those who have dealt with the annoyance of updating SleepEnabler every kernel change, you will understand how this makes life easier.

    HDA codec detection in the bootloader.

    We want to make things a little friendlier to the end user. Kernel Extension management could be easier-controlled through a prefpane; we are currently brainstorming this.
    Improved graphics support in the bootloader. This means no more binpatching of kexts needed, and everything taken care of by the bootloader itself.

    ATAPI detection in the bootloader. This means you would have Chameleon+v0ltr0n on a USB key and have it boot up a DVD; as of now, Chameleon cannot do this correctly. As long as we do this legit, there isn’t going to be a need for this, since Lion will only be released from the App Store. ATAPI support will still be something worth getting working though for the sake of Chameleon itself.

    Easier way of imaging over the DVD to USB disk if needed due to lack of DVD-ROM on the device you’re installing tothe retail install image, from Linux or OS X. (We have some ideas of doing it from Windows without having to involve commercial HFS+ drivers).Since Lion will only be released from the Mac App Store, this subject is something we need to look over more, and to see that if we want to keep this as legal as possible – is doing this from Linux or Windows even worth the time? Let me know what you think. What does this mean? It means that the imaging and the v0ltr0n support will be done in an all-in-one process. People doing it from OS X will not have to image the partition from Disk Utility separately – this will all be done in 1 package or app. Linux will have it done through an easy GUI app I’ve worked on.

    We may implement my idea regarding post-install notes. We will most likely install a post-boot installer that will be placed on the desktop of the first created user, in case some additional support is needed to be installed.

    Those are some of the main focus points for now, but what I would say matters more is what the people interested in this want from a project like this. Give me your suggestions!

    We are against stealing credit, and anyone who can contribute to this little project with extending the Chameleon code as well as improving the retail install method will not have to deal with that, as this is going to be a collaborative project where everyone gets mentioned, even the past contributors of Chameleon and those who helped extending CPU support. I personally want the have a list of people working on this to get larger than 2 people, that’s for sure.

    New info will be posted as it comes. I am excited to see where this little project of ours heads!

    More infos as usale via Nawcom:

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    This has my 110% support!!! Thank you guys for this project. One quick question...Will this be another .iso or .dmg image DVD to install on a regular pc or will this be another complicated installation? The easier the better I always say. Good luck guys on Project Voltron and God Speed. By the way where can I send my donation?




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