Hi I am trying to install mac os x lion (preferably) or snow leopard on my Alienware M11x r2. I have fond many guides for the r1 but almost none for the r2. I have tried tons of things and nothing seems to work. I tried This method and This method: I get an infinite reboot. Anything I use iboot with gives me a kernel panic (sorry cant post now, i'm not at home). I tried taking out ram to bring it down to 4gb: doesn't make a difference. I've tried numerous kernel flags: nothing.
I was just hoping someone could point me in the right direction (a tutorial, a distro, anything...).

Thanks in advance,

My specs are:
Alienware M11x r2, 8gb ram (4gb currently), core i3, 1tb hard drive (3 * 310gb partitions), dw1520 wlan card (plan to change to dw1510), bluetooth.