I try to instal lion on my new computer with a mother board p8z78-v/gen3

i got different problems and question :

1) when i boot on dvd, i have
bug: launchctl.c : 2408 (24957) 30 ect...
i can boot then and install osx


when i boot nothing happens, it stay on the grey screen and grey apple
if i boot with -x it's ok
if i boot with -v
i have :

DRMStatus: itunes/apple Store content access problem. Content playback may be disabled on this computer ..... errorcode : 8877652
and then the grey screen again and nothing else

so it looks like a device miss, but i don't know if it's the sound card (integrated to the mother board) or the graphic cards (integrated too)

i don't know wich driver is missing and what to do exactly.
I've try to go on the irc, but i've been banned because we can't speak about iaktas there (i didn't knew it)

can somebody helps???
thank you very much
why can't i reboot? wich driver