Hi All,

I'm a complete newbie to this scene, so please go easy on me

Firstly, I built a PC a couple of years ago which I'd like to make a Hackintosh. I've check the compatibility of the processor (q6600 core 2 duo) and the motherboard (intel dq35jo), both say there should work on the list. The main/only use for this computer is to make music, I don't connect it to the internet and it doesn't have any software on there that isn't required to make music.

The main reason for wanting to Hackintoshis to use Logic pro.

What I'd like to know is, when I googled the Hackintosh tutorials I found a few examples of hack life where it recommend certain pieces of hardware to make it all possible, one of the thing that was mentioned was a nvidia video card - Do I really need a video card for this all to work or was this just recommended in case you wanted a good video card? keeping in mind I only use this system to make music.

I have 3 HDD's in this current setup and would like to add another new one for installing OSX 10.6.8, will I have to reformat the 3 older drives once I have installed OSX or will they work as is?

Lastly, if my current setup is adequate is it then just a case of installing a bootloader and then installing osx or will I need more hardware and is it a complicated process? I'm fairly good with computers and have been using a MBP for about 4 years.

Thanks Jeff