this is my first post, please be kind with any mistakes

I wanted to order the new MacBook Pro Retina for my office but the university now tells me that they will buy only DELL products. I am using OS X since years and do not want to change that. So I looked up the equivalent DELL Notebook (15" screen, Quadcore i7 Ivy Bridge, min. 8GB RAM, min. 256GB SSD), it has the following specifications:

CPU: i7 3612QM
GPU: GeForce GT 640M (2GB), Intel HD4000
Chipset: Intel HM77
WLAN 802.11 a/g/n + Bluetooth 4.0
I don't know the soundcard, I hope this won't cause problems

I found this specs sheet (in German, at the bottom) for further information:

Is it possible to install OS X (min. Snow Leopard) on that notebook? Any help is really welcome!

Thanks & best regards