Even before the iPad came out I always wanted to run OS X on it. Now it can finally come true thanks to OnLive Desktop and some help from you guys. In case you don't know what it is, the just released OnLive Desktop allows the user to stream a native version of windows 7 to the ipad through OnLive's huge powerful servers throughout the US that literally have millions of dollars worth of thousands of computers runing at 10 gigabit connections to make it so running Windows 7 on the iPad runs faster than it does on the fastest windows PC locally. Plus the compression algorithm that it took 10 years for OnLive to develop makes it look and seem local with virtually no latency.
OnLive Desktop for iPad on the iTunes App Store
Check out the app if you dont believe me because it works amazing and its like having a super powerful PC locally on the ipad. Anyways, right now only the highly restrictive free version is out which does not allow for installing other apps, accessing system files, ect.
However, Onlive will announced that version soon a $10/month paid version will be out which will allow for installation of other apps, accessing system files, 50 GB of cloud storage, ect.

Even though the experience is basically the same as a windows 7 tablet on steroids with the multitouch gestures and stuff working with windows 7, I would love to have OS X Lion running just the same on my iPad.

Thats where you guys come in:
I'm sure this can be done one way or the other, but what would be the best approach for this?
Hackintoshing it on the windows 7 and using the windows 7 touch screen drivers that are already created by some of you guys? Would it work with these drivers or would custom drivers need to be written?
Virtualization of OS X Lion? I know that virtualization software such as VMWare and Virtualbox on windows have been used with an OS X iso to to use OS X on windows. The problem is... would touch work?
Use a non-touch solution and hook up a bluetooth mouse via BTstack mouse (jailbreak tweak)?

I really hope this can be done and would appreciate any comments and input and I am sure many others would love to have OS X Lion running on their ipads (:
Oh and once the android app comes out it can be done for android tablets too, even on PC too when the version of the app comes out.