Lets get right to it!

So, as i now have installed my OS X Lion onto my hackintosh. The first thing i notice is that the screen resolution is way turned down, this to: 800x600, that's where the first question begins. Is there anyway of fixing this, as i won't use a computer with this Aspect Ratio.

Secondly, i've got one or two questions regarding DSTD.
This might be a tricky one, but if you possibly could help, then it'd be MUCH appreciated!
I've got the ASUS Rampage 3 EXTREME- board, and i wonder, what DSTD Should i download? the x58 > sabertooth?, that dosn't make any sence to me as that's not the name of my Motherboard, or is it a installation to the x58 platform that is nescessary?

As i now am @the first boot ever of my OS X Lion, what should i excatly, i mean EXCATLY, do next? Should i install the combo update, 10.7.3, and then before restart run multibeast, and if so, what settigns should i use in Mutlibeast, which checkboxes should be checked?
And after this, do i restart, and then install kexkt's etc after that and then lastly reboot once more and remove the unidisk usb and pray for the best?

Alot of questions!
Thanks in advance,
Take care,
- KO