Dear Hackint0shers,

I've got an N53SV-S1827V ASUS laptop with the Optimus stuff in it. To get to the installer (or to get a GUI), I need to apply a DSDT patch which disables the nVidia GPU. But this patch also disables my LAN/WLAN/Sound. I've managed to boot the ML installer with WLAN, but after the installation there's no GUI. So I need to apply the DSDT patch again. And gone's the WLAN. I'm kind of out-of-ideas. The NoNvidia.kext didn't solve it either. Does anyone here have a clue? This problem appears with L and ML.

Here's the specs stuff:
CPU: Intel Core i7-2670QM (Intel HD3000 GPU in it)
GPU: nVidia GT540M
RAM: 6 gigs
HDD: 750 gigs
WLAN: AR9285
LAN: RTL81xx
Sound: Yet to be determined. VoodooHDA was the thing I first tried. Gave me some sound, but only Larsen Effect. No iTunes/VLC or whatsoever output.