Hi all

I am a mac users and have an imac which is about a year old.

I have created a Lion installation usb stick for use on the mac as I don't want ot install the original os and then upgrade to it... but I have aquired 3 netbook systems

They are

Acer Aspire One D250 - (working but may have a loose screen cable), 160gig hdd SATA, 1 gig ram
Lenovo Ideapad S10-1 - (completly stripe and parts being replaced), 2gig ram 500gig hdd SATA
Compaq Mini 700 - (Needs new 1.8" hard drive which I should get before the weekend), 1 gig ram will have 80gig hdd ZIF drive

I would love to get them all running Lion or even Leopard or Snow Leopard

Which one would you recoemmend and are they all compatible. I will them move parts around to make the best system