First off I'd like to say hi, and I'm very honored to be here and hope to find some awesome people to help me through this - sad to say - yet noob situation. A brief about myself, I've been with computers since 98, got a bach in applied science, continuing knowledge I had since as a kid. Got into scripting, then coding, then "hacking" and from hacking came reversing which is my main hobby as of now and where I lean towards my studies these days. I am use to a command line interface and gui, as switching from windows and linux and not too noob when it comes to modern lingo, except apple lingo obviously. I've never really dabbled with it and now, I am ready to get my hands dirty and take on a new plain - it's part of my journey so to speak and I am hoping this area can get me there. To business;

Comp Specs; HP Laptop dv7-3085dx nVidia GeForce GT 230M(1Gb) i7 Q720 @ 1.6Ghz Intel WifiLink 5100AGN Microsoft eHome MCIR (109?) Keyboard // Standard PS/2 Keyboard , IDT HD Audio

Any precautionary methods you think I should take please let me know.