I am going to be traveling to South America this summer and wanted to take along a netbook running OSX because I have several Macs already. Carrying a Macbook Air or even a used macbook might make me a target for theft. I bought a netbook that I read had good compatibility with OSX.

Can someone give me some advice or point me to a good tutorial to install Lion on this machine? Unibeast, Kakewalk, Iatkos, debian... I think Im more confused than when I started out. Which one should I be using? Or tell me it isnt possible and point me to a good tut for a 10.6 install. For the past 3 weeks I have been reading about this and trying to get Lion on my Asus PC and decided it was time to ask for help. I saw that there is a kernel 10.7.1 that has been hacked to work with atom processors.

My machine is a Asus Eee PC 1000 (I realize this is an older machine) has 2GB crucial ram, atom n270 processor. I can post full specs if more info is needed