Finally got myself a new rig...

Asus p5k atx motherboard
Q6600 2.4 ghz quad core intel processor
250gb sata hard drive (Mac OS X Lion)
250gb sata hard drive (Mac OS X Snow Leopard)
500gb sata hard drive (windows 7 64 bit/windows 8 64bit)
4gb ddr2 memory

All housed in an old server tower I painted and converted into the ultimate hack pro/gamer case.

I have a question about lion. I made a USB install disk using nawcom mod USB. Had to manually install ioatafamily.kext, and it installed, but boots slowly. And it doesn't seem to have an /extra folder.
Did command shift g and tried navigating to it, nothing.

Did they change the directory or is it booting using the boot USB as an efi dongle ?