I am not an absolute beginner, but I'm extremely out of date.

Last time I did anything to do with Hackint0sh I got Leopard running on my Inspiron 1525.
I remember there was something called Leo4all and something called Kalyway. Kalyway didn't work for me, but I got leo4all working without any kexts. I then tried to dual boot with vista and accidentally messed it all up. Then I got very busy until now.

Basically, I really need your help because I have no idea what's going on any more!
obviously there's 2 new versions out. I would like to install 10.7 Lion. I have no files yet, and I don't know where to get them. I am easily able to download an iso, burn it and boot off it, but that's about as far as it goes.

I also have a new HDD devoted entirely to this project. So, no more dual booting complications.
Any help would be very well appreciated!